Помните видеоприколы с попкорном, пивом, монеткой для iPhone, которые появились еще в 2007 году? Нечно подобное, но с использованием новейших технологий, в которых силен iPad, использовал юный китайский маг и волшебник. Довольно забавно:

Вот текст его разговора на английском:

Hello, my name is Shinya, and I’m a magician.
Throughout history, we have been constantly inventing ways to communicate.
History of humanity is also a history of communication.
One of the oldest ways to communicate known from history…
is a smoke signal.
After inventing a smoke signal…
we came up with characters.
Ways of recording characters and communicating to others…
is a book.
After books, we thought of how to record space…
which leads to a photograph.
Today, we can communicate through movies and cellphones.
Well, what will be the communication of coming generation?
Imagine, warping from one place to another.
Warping a human being might be a little difficult…
but an animal might work.
Interested in time traveling?
Perhaps you can send your milk in the fridge one month before,
so that you don’t have to wait for your cheese.
Or even you can send your own x-ray to your doctor.
It might become possible to communicate,
by peeping through other’s mind.
Rather than shopping online,
you might be able to try it on on the go.
Moreover, maybe you can withdraw cash without an ATM machine.
Excuse me, I’ve got mail.
He is my friend Daigo, a great performer.
He has appeared a lot on TV recently,
so maybe you guys know him.
He can bend a fork like this in no time.
See? Isn’t that great?
Thanks, Daigo.
Nowadays, you can find many ways to communicate.
However, we never stop to strive for inventing new ways to do so.
Because new communication brings new excitement.
I’m going to explore more about what I can do with this.
See you guys later!

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